Abigail Grey
Abigail Grey

Kathy + Timothy

Tim: Abby was more than a photographer. She was a bulb of energy, an understanding problem solver, and a joy to share our day with. Her quality of work not only shows in her photos, but her ability to make everyone feel comfortable, confident, and loved on the biggest of days. Abby was our first and only choice to shoot our wedding, and we couldn’t have been happier to share so many special moments with this wonderful Human. Thank you Abby!

Kathy: Abby is the perfect amount of reliability and professionalism. She makes the extra effort to understand your story and wanting to capture/share it. I was overwhelmed with her support and comfortable presence on my wedding day! She has an eye for beauty and sees the little things. I’m am so thrilled she was our wedding photographer and she’s one of those people that you can’t help but love! She’s an incredible human AND talented photographer. You cannot go wrong working with her

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I cannot gush enough about Abby! She is motivated, energetic, professional, and crazy talented. Not only did her photos perfectly capture our day and who we are, but she made the whole wedding planning process easier. She sent encouragement and calm leading up to our wedding day and took so much time to know us and listen to us. As a result, our engagement and wedding photos were detailed and personal, perfectly capturing our homes and personalities. She was flexible and organized on our wedding day. I didn't have to worry one bit the whole day. Pleeeease go and book her so you can have the most gorgeous photos and the most fun time getting them done.

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Holy smokes! I am just sitting here honored to write this review of this amazing woman! Abby is incredibly professional and personal- truly a rare combination. She went so above and beyond from the minute we began working with her. Our wedding day honestly wouldn’t have been the same without her, and I don’t think that’s something that many people can say about the person that photographed their wedding. She is thorough and detail oriented. Her desire to know details about your story, your family, your place, and your traditions makes her work so personal and important. She’s an artist with the kindest heart, and she works hard as an efficient and punctual photographer. She bring the party, the photos, and all the feels! BOOK HER NOW. You absolutely won’t be sorry.



Choosing Abby as our photographer was hands down one of the BEST decisions we made about our wedding! When we first got in touch with her, she was so sweet and willing to answer any questions we had for her, and we immediately felt comfortable with her when we met her in person for the first time. Through our experience with Abby as our photographer, she became a dear friend and a true source of stability during the insanity of wedding planning. The day of, Abby treated us with such kindness and patience. She was like a chameleon, blending into every setting and completely out of the way while still capturing amazing photos! One thing we really appreciated was that she remained on the outskirts of the ceremony so we could enjoy that time without a camera in our faces. When we got the pictures, we were THRILLED! Abby was able to capture the beautiful elegance of the day, the sweet intimate moments between the two of us, AND our insanely silly personalities! Everything she sent us exemplified the character of who we are as a couple and how we wanted that day to feel. We are SO grateful for Abby's skill and artistry, but most of all, we are thankful for her friendship.



We absolutely loved working with Abby, and were blown away by her shots! We looked at so many photographers, and while we knew she would be good when we hired her, we were even more amazed when we got the photos back- they were even better than we expected! I love the artistic aspect that she adds into her photos, they are so much more than just photos of a wedding- she knows how to turn the photos into a form of art and has so many unique and creative ideas for poses and locations for the shots. I also love the way she balances light in her photos- they really stand out from normal wedding photos.

In addition to being an amazing photographer, Abby is a great person to be around. She knew exactly what we should do, kept us moving quickly and was very directive in our shots, all while still being so relaxed and flexible. I was amazed by the way she scoped out the area ahead of time and found the perfect locations for amazing photos. For example, we got married at a ski resort, but there wasn't really snow on the ground. To my surprise, she had gone and found a spot covered in snow and ended up taking amazing photos of us that looked like we were in a winter wonderland. She has such a good eye, and yet is so gentle and light hearted in the way she suggests things.

Lastly, I was so amazed by Abby's professional business etiquette. She sent us photos the next day that were edited and beautiful so we could share a preview with friends and family. I was shocked at how amazing they looked and how quickly she was able to get us a few shots! We also loved the way she talked with us ahead of time and planned things well so that she knew exactly what we wanted going into the day.

I highly recommend Abby if you want wedding photos that stick out above the rest, and if you want a fun, well executed and relaxed wedding. You will not be disappointed!


Dust and Form

I was so excited when Abby agreed to photograph me and my work in my ceramic studio. She is truly a gem. She listened intently to what I wanted to capture and gave direction on how to highlight my work, my process and who I am as an artist. It was very fun to work with her, and she made me feel so comfortable. After receiving the photos back, I was even more thrilled! The product shots has such depth to them and the portrait shots of me looked natural and relaxed. I can definitely attribute these things to Abby’s confident and hospitable way of photographing. She is an excellent photographer for portraits, lifestyle shots and product / styling! I highly recommend her!

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And a few others..

Abby is such an lovely, kind, graceful, gentle, and creative woman. She catches your vision for your dreams and makes those dreams come to life in a way you couldn't have even imagined. She was incredibly patient with me and really respected my wishes for how I wanted my wedding day to be captured. She chooses to know you well before your big day enough to know when you need a break from pictures or you just need a laugh. She was never in the way on my wedding day, yet when she was around her presence was appreciated. Her detailed eye is very authentic. I was very thankful we chose Abby to be our photographer. We have a ton of her pictures hung all over our home! Whether your a model or your the most insecure person out there, she can make you feel beautiful. I believe God has given her this gift to help people see themselves the way He sees us. - Karly + Evan

"Abby was a gifted professional through every step in the process. We contacted her from a friend's recommendation, and she was immediately helpful, responsive and asked smart questions to really find out what we were looking for in a wedding photographer. She was absolutely the most easy-going and prepared vendor we worked with during the planning process. We did a small engagement shoot with Abby, where we saw how efficiently she does her job. When it came to our wedding day, she was an expert at quickly working with friends and family for posed shots, but even better at grabbing candid photos that really captured the event. With her sweet personality and gorgeous work, Abby is a gem." - Hannah + Nick

I really appreciated not only the quality of Abigail's work, but the spirit with which she approached her work. She completed some shots for us in a less affluent community of Chattanooga and was careful to respect the environment and the residents in an attempt to offer an honest presentation of the neighborhood. Thanks, Abigail.

- Tory, Hope for the Inner City

I thought I was giving Abby an impossible task - taking wedding pictures of an interracial couple at midnight! And yet she made it not only possible, but captured some of the most breathtaking wedding photos I have ever seen! I may be biased since they are of my hubby and me, but being a wedding planner, I have seen quite a lot of wedding photos and met a lot of photographers and Abby will always be my #1 photography pick. Thanks again Abby for our beautiful engagement and wedding photos! Can't wait to use you again for all of our photography needs!

- Carol Ann and Teron Ferguson