ill keep this blog post open and rolllllin as the summer goes on but here are some thoughts on HOME this summer. 

I'm so incredibly thankful that somehow I'm able to do photography FULL TIME, seriously, what?! Truly it's one of the craziest things to me. One of the best parts about it is that I get to travel alll over the place but one of the hardest parts is that I have to travel a ton.. isnt that just life?

home looks like a lot of different things right now which is super exciting but also stretching. Sometimes it looks like a table surrounded by family: comfort. Lots of these days, it looks like driving up and down I-81: routine. 

Other days it looks like dear people who open up their homes, loving and knowing me. Weddings- all different but all hold the same familiar and comforting feelings. The same energy, newness, love, light, nerves, party, promise, PEOPLE.

Ive been trying to identify it all. thankfully being a photographer is helpful as i get to capture and document the familiar feelings of home even when it looks so so different.

So, I'm working on identifying but also leaning into and being honest about the ache for something lasting because I was reminded this Sunday, i was made for the whole, the eternal. the Lord’s table is all of it, its a picture, a taste, a little capture, a familiar feeling of the longest lasting home we were made for and I get to return to that as a reminder and lean on the pictures of home that the Lord has given me this summer as a taste of whats to come.