Dust and Form

an afternoon with Brielle at her studio in Burlington, VT.

pottery continually amazes me in its collision between humanness and grace shown in the forming, breaking, filling and releasing. 

a prayer to receive and live open handed has and will continue to follow me throughout all of life.. because.. we're human. ha

this prayer has recently deepened into a prayer of surrender to let molding happen by hands greater than mine and let grace fall and fill in the broken and uncomfortable cracks and spaces.

appropriate to spend an afternoon with a ceramics artist truly in the middle of this desperate prayer. thankful for how the potter in his love meets us in the places to mold us, hold us and fill us. 

dust and form's work is obviously amazingly beautiful but wowww would you believe that the heart, depth and intention behind it is even more wonderful? it's true. 

find her here and buy all of her work ;)