one year ago. 

Truly one of the most amazing trips we were able to take as a family.

Love these people a whole bunch.

As cliche (but really just human) as it sounds, the trip symbolized a pre-established adventure. As a family who moved around a good amount, this sense of wonder and hunger for the world started at the table, with parents encouraging us to continuously strive for curiosity about each other, our friends and the world around us. 

The result? A real sense that the world and people around us are much grander than our little corner and that understanding the image of the Lord meant staying curious and pursuing humility through exploration. Making a trip to Europe one we soaked in deeply that ultimately left us with a renewed sense of wonder for the world and encouraged the already planted seeds of faithfulness, respect and love for one another, family.  


Pictured in order: Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Garmish, Munich, Barcelona, Paris.