Neat Pony | Eryn Garcia

Finding yourself curious for a new story, new artist, and another friend who loves that brunch is really just an excuse to allow a good drink before 10am? Here's an interview and some photos of Eryn Garcia, a fellow artist and entrepreneur from Chattanooga, TN.

Getting to shoot Eryn's web photos and headshots was awesome and getting to see her work was so inspiring.  SO, let's be curious! Dive into these questions with me, be inspired and maybe take a step to start something, contact someone you admire, draw something, ask a scary question.. all those things! 

Here it is !!!! 

1. Tell us about your story, how you'd get into graphic design? Where's it taken you? 

I was 10, and my family got our first computer. I'd create imaginary companies (cleaning business, cookie business, whatever else required marketing) just so I could design logos, business cards, flyers and sign-up forms. I had no idea this was an actual job that people had and got paid for--I just thought I was a weird little kid with a weird little hobby. It took 15 years, a wrong degree and a 9-5 position in insurance for me to realize I needed to seriously pursue something that I was excited and passionate about.

I've since gone back to school, bounced around an agency or two, moved to and from NY, worked with and learned from the most amazing, creative people. As a designer I've also been able to create for projects and organizations that are near and dear to my heart--that's been the most rewarding, honestly. 


2. As an artist, what is your favorite part of using a medium like graphic design and screen printing? 

My favorite part of graphic design is the undo command by far. Ha. You don't get to press a couple buttons and erase a mistake in 2 seconds with any physical medium. So, with design, I feel like experimenting is much more painless and less daunting than with other artistic mediums.

Screen printing just compliments design so much. It also allows me much needed breaks from staring at a screen all day, gives me a chance to get moving and literally get my hands dirty. I'm in love with every part of the screen printing process. It's at times a very painstaking and temperamental one, but its challenges and results are so worth it every time. There's just something extra special about being able to physically touch and feel your work (or others' work) rather than just viewing it digitally. 


3. Who's your dream client? 

Nike. I grew up playing sports and played soccer in college. I really believe that whole industry influenced my aesthetic style--super clean, lots of contrasty and bold colors. I've noticed that their European futbol campaigns are so much more experimental and progressive but still maintain a clean and bold feel. I. Would. Love. to be able to sit in on a brainstorming session with their creative team. 


4. What artists have you recently been inspired by? 

Creative director and designer Jessica Walsh--her campaigns and work are incredible. Very editorial stuff, but bold, pushes boundaries and is just plain cool.

I think every designer may mention this guy, but geez, his stuff is so great: Aaron Draplin. So clean, so simple, so retro-ish, bold and he uses color so well. You look at his stuff and think "why didn't I of that?" but then you remember it's because you're not Aaron Draplin. 


5. When not doing designing or screen printing, what are some things you enjoy to do now that you're back in Chattanooga? Do you have a go-to spot downtown? 

I've been trying to get out and hike all the awesome trails around here that I took for granted when I lived away. I'm still not over the fact that I get to live near all this amazing scenery. I'm also excited for the music coming to Chattanooga again this Spring and plan to attend as many shows as I can!

I'm a sucker for brunch and it being socially acceptable to have a cocktail at 10am. Bitter Alibi brunch is always on-point. But when I'm needing a change of scenery while working on a design, I usually make my way to Mean Mug or the Blue Plate bar (it's always empty during the day and has huge windows). 



So cool. Loved those answers and as it is International Women's Day, it's so freaking exciting being able to work with and cheer on other women entrepreneurs! Go women! Take over the world! 

Interested in getting in touch with Eryn for work or to simply learn more about her story? You should definitely do that.

Here's her Instagram and website: