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Michael and Chelsea

Abigail WhislerComment
Michael and Chelsea

Michael and Chelsea’s wedding day, shot with Jaime, was so so special. 

There were a few things I learned during this day that have impacted how I see the role of photography in the wedding day, can I share a few thoughts with you?



This day taught me a lot about the importance of taking a deep breath, enjoying your day and being intentional about all things.







Yes, the big picture is SO necessary to always have in mind but,

by the end of the day..  

you’ll be married. 

And you did it surrounded by people who love you and are promising to walk alongside you through it all.

Truly, that’s the most important part. 


But, my question after this beautifully intentional day is, how do we create the space for this type of tone each wedding? 


Can a wedding day be slow, enjoyed and celebratory? 




Michael and Chelsea did this well through the details they chose to scatter throughout the day. 

Each piece helped them breath, remember,  and see the wonder of the day. 


Their day wrapped up by the fire reminiscing about each wonderful aspect of the day sipping whiskey from a flask saved from a thrift store they found a few years back… again, a piece of their relationship that followed them to the end of the day.






This deep sense of presence followed them throughout their day.




From taking time during their individual portraits to look through family photos, taking time after the ceremony to look each guest in the eye and say "thank you," of course, carving out time to dance their hearts out while also saving a specific dance for the flower girl.. all of the above proved to Jaime and I that this is how it should be.




Intentional, slow, full of wonder. 



Everyone has their own way of creating this space

Whether that’s through the little details, or, if details sometimes stress you out, NO details.. 

Through saying “no” to some conventional wedding patterns to say yes to something you’d really enjoy (i.e. slip ’n’ slide)

More party time? 

Less party time? 


Whatever it is, as a photographer, I’m there to document, remind you why we’re taking these photos and give you space to pause, remember, see


I live for those deep breath times that give you space for all those, “mmm wow” “what? we’re married?!” “Wow how did I get lucky with these best people around me..” moments. 



It’s these slow patterns I want to reflect in my life

and its these patterns I pray you walk into your marriage with. 



I’d love to hear your thoughts! Any successful ways you’ve seen this done? 


Does this resonate with you?