Abigail WhislerComment


Abigail WhislerComment

curation of personal shots over the past year.

paired with the haunting sounds and words of Daughter + some recurrent thoughts. 

recently, life has been more about pressing into the thin, the joy, the sorrow.. all of it.. with more slowness. 

some days that looks like a slow morning, waking up to the creeping feelings of doubt and shame. feet on the floor, self- talk loud pouring a cup of coffee conflicted of the ways I see myself. longing to see how i can enter into the day washed in grace. 

some days i find myself bound to my trusty VW jetta, a good podcast and a set destination. thoughts streaming through my head, processing life, short prayers like a breath questioning, contemplating and thanking. 

some days that's simply remembering to take a deep breath. 

the past few days, in the midst of disappointment, questions and fear, gratitude has characterized what i leave into the day as i lay back in bed.

gratitude for the people, places and things that have been brought into my everyday.

gratitude for the whispers of truth im beginning to hear over my shame, fear and failure. 

gratitude for the pain that reminds me to sit and slowly receive the hope and joy to be had in the refining, grieving and restoration. 

how are joys and pains mixed into your day? what do your responses to them reveal about who you are at your core? how are you slowly leaning into it all?