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Abigail Whisler1 Comment

Mmm yesss. 2018 is almost here. 

It's pretty hard for me not to go through intentional times of transitions, new years, seasons.. etc... without reflection.

So, here are some I would like to share with you. 

Right around this time (new years eve) is when nostalgia hits, memories flood in, and, in expectation for the new year, hope, longings and fears settle with sometimes even more weight than the memories that came before. 

Through all of these feels, as I look back on the year before and look forward to the year to come, the Lord proves himself to be always faithful, merciful and so so kind. As he has been present in the good, hard, so joyful and more difficult circumstances in the past year, he will be even more present through it all in this next year. 

2017 truly was awesome. I traveled around the world, met some really cool new people, graduated college (!!), continued in depth with the best of friends&family, worked for some really inspiring people and made some big decisions. 

This year was also an exciting turning point for my business. I'm so incredibly thankful for all of my clients that I now call friends. Thank you for inviting me in, trusting me and showing me your people and life. Whether that was through asking me to shoot your wedding, inviting me to your hometown for an engagement shoot, offering me a beer and letting me just sit and hear your story; whether that was letting me follow you around to document your small business, family and story... Whatever the story was, life is much more beautiful with people to share it with and simply knowing you all have proved this to be true.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Friends, family, neighbors, church friends and all others I have loved and known this year.. The Lord's image is clear in y'all and if I know the love you all have shown me (which is so great), it points me even more to the great love He has for us. 


Here's a collection of photos from this past year that mean a whole lot to me filled with a few people and places that I cherish even more.


All of the photos were all taken in these freaking awesome places: 

Virginia | D.C. | Tennessee | Alabama | North Carolina | Pennsylvania | Washington | Utah | Czech Republic | Spain | Germany | France | Austria


2018 is going to be a good one.

Thanks for walking with me in this adventure. 


2017 was also filled with amazing music.

here are a few songs i've been listening to this year.