Sarabeth Kendall

Sarabeth Kendall

Sarabeth has been one of my best friends since freshman year... technically...

She is a painter, dog lover, and is my thirdddd cousin whhhhaaaatt?! (p.s. just found this out over spring break. CRaZY, am i rite?!)

Here's the story..

We were coming back from spring break with all of our best friends and decided to stop at Sarabeth's house for a night before we headed back to covenant.  Tired and worn out from a week at the beach, we spent the final night of spring break sitting, resting and talking. At one point in the night, Mrs. Kendall mentioned to Sarabeth that one of their family members had just decided on a middle name for their new born daughter- Grey. Not really thinking it was anything significant I just stated an obvious, "Oh, my middle name is grey too... G-r-e-y though.. so probably different." Mrs. Kendall described where that name came from and in what seemed like a whirlwind of emotions filled with screaming and lots of "OMG, ABBY, WE. ARE. SISTERS.. BE EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!" we connected it was the SAME FAMILY all related to one of the founders of Davidson College in North Carolina.

I then had an asthma attack, not from excitement, but from sickness.. horribly coincidental.

We then called our grandmothers and realized, our great great grandfathers were brothers, and were both pastors who raised their families in North Carolina and Virginia.

Such a crazy coincidence but I often reflect on that night and love thinking about the way the Lord already knew that in the midst of our friendship and loves to surprise us with those crazy connections that reminds us he has such a greater story. The story of our friendship is really wonderfully reflective of the Lord's faithfulness and redemption and I love that this bond of family solidified that even more.