Nice + simple | $3,200

- this includes - 

A Meet Up or Facetime Date

this can look like drinks, coffee, a hike.. whatever y'all are feelin. i'm curious about you, i want to know where y'all met, what y'all are about, what you love most about each other and the people you surround yourselves with. 

8 hour Coverage

this is a wedding, this is your day, i'm with you through it all

One Photographer

700+ edited photos for you to print and share as you please

Online Proofing Gallery

Ten Years Digital Storage

... and a friendship with me 

i'm kidding, i don't charge people to be my friends... ;)

… the beauty and magic is in the human stuff.

y'all are people, friends and world changers..

more than a shot list, contract or showing up, doing the work and leaving.. it’s a story we’re telling and it all starts with a relationship.

Short + Sweet | $2,500

- this includes-

6 hrs of coverage

One Photographer 

300 edited photos for you to print and share as you please

Online Proofing Gallery 

Ten Years of Digital Storage 

a la carte

see something you'd like to add? 

let's work to make your day the best. 

Engagement Shoot: $3501/2 off travel with booking a package

Second Shooter: $400

Bridal Portraits: $300

Wedding Photo Album: $500

Anniversary Shoot: $300receive a free anniversary shoot with a successful wedding referral

Travel: Estimated somewhere between $300-$500 including lodging


This day is the grandest of all days and I am so honored to be invited in to document, feel it all and create beauty from y'alls magic.