Hello! I’m Abigail.


My fiance , frequent second shooter, motivator, and teammate in life, Ben and I.

Photos by: Katie Jean Photography

about me

Newly hailing from the beautiful state of Vermont, I am a lover of all things cozy, depth, humans, and art.

SO crazy, I get to combine all three of my loves in this thing that has hooked me full-time as a portrait, editorial, and wedding photographer.

From picking up a camera at a young age, to starting this business in high school, studying art in college and now here, full-time, learning to look at the world through photography has brought immense grace, wonder and curiosity into my life. Through my work, as a client or a viewer, I hope to spark that same grace, wonder and curiosity in your life.

Telling stories through photography has brought me into the homes, shops, weddings and events of some of the most amazing humans I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and learning from.

These relationships are what makes this job different, it distinguishes me from simply a vendor or a photographer who shows up, points and shoots. I’m curious about you, a deeply relational story teller of the up close, mushy, human stuff.. that’s the true art and I’m incredibly honored to be invited into those spaces.

Burlington, Vermont based with frequent travels to the Richmond, VA, Washington DC, Chattanooga, TN, and greater New England areas.

Always traveling, see my schedule here.

What it looks like to work together:

Hiring a photographer can be nerve wracking and foreign ground to tread. I totally get it, having a camera in front of you is intimidating (it is for me) , likewise brainstorming an idea with someone and trusting them to execute is risky.

The crazy thing is that the magic really isn’t in the camera, or even in my art.. Yes yes yes… this is a large piece of it that I work at refining every day, BUT the core is in the story, the vulnerability you offer me.

A large part of process is in taking time to get to know each of my clients. Sitting across from you over drinks or coffee to see faces, hear stories, feel emotions.. all of this is prioritized before you even see a large piece of equipment cover my face.

Each person brings a different set of emotions, vision, stylistic preferences, previous experience, etc.. to every shoot. I pride myself in being able to meet you right where you are with whatever you’re bringing to the session, listen, ask question and create.

Knowing and loving the complexity of humans, my favorite part of my job is working to create space for each session and wedding day to be a relaxed and unhurried space with lots of giggles, plenty of guidance in poses, questions, and space to be YOU.

As an oldest child and enneagram 6, structure and organization are a heavy priority for me. I work to provide as much information, structure, and guidance for our time together. This is an extremely important aspect of my business that I’ve found ends up being one of the most caring things I can do to prioritize, respect and care for my clients well while producing the best work.

All in all, it’s about the story, you, emphasizing the joy, genuine, raw aspects of life.

Im here for all of it.